Books I've Written

The Importance of Walking: A Journey to Elite Performance from Dublin to Monte Carlo
by Stephen Jungmann

The Importance of Walking explores how elite athletes and world-class performers are made, not born. Based on a true story, the main character’s passion for tennis explodes into his life from a glowing television screen in the summer of 1977 as Bjorn Borg is reaching the height of his powers at Wimbledon.


Books on Performance And What I Think About Them

On Intelligence
Jeff Hawkins

Mind Wide Open
Steven Johnson

John Eliot

On Second Thought
Wray Herbert

In Pursuit of Excellence
Terry Orlick

The Road to Excellence
K. Anders Ericsson

Why Michael Couldn’t Hit
Harold Klawans

Playing in the Zone
Andrew Cooper

Finding Your Zone
Michael Lardon

Talent is Overrated
Geoff Colvin

Buddha’s Brain
Rick Hanson

What Makes Winners Win
Charlie Jones

The Winner’s Brain
Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske

Matthew Syed

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell

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