Aaron Rodgers Just Doesn’t Think.


Beautiful statement on mastery, http://es.pn/s0z7ul

It’s a lot of fun. It feels fluid. I used to play baseball, and it’s like when you’re hitting it on the label, or the barrel of the bat. You don’t feel anything, just fluid contact, and you just know you hit the ball on the sweet spot with clean power every time. When you’re throwing the football the way you want to, you’re not thinking about it. You’re not thinking about your drop or your release point or the trajectory or where your feet are. It’s just coming off your hand exactly the way you want it to, fluid and confident. You’re getting good snap on it, a good spiral, and it’s ending up exactly where you want it. That’s when the game becomes fun, when you can put the ball exactly where you want it. You just react naturally and let all the fundamentals and muscle memory that you’ve built up take over. It’s that feeling of being in total control.

– Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers

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