My Top Four Sports Performance Bloggers

I read just about everything I can on sports psychology and the neuroscientific underpinnings of why athletes succeed and fail because of the way their brains are wired. I’ve listed four of my favorite resources. Add a comment if there are others that we all should be reading.

Ross Tucker & Jonathan Dugas    @scienceofsport
These guys are athletes, PhDs and have created a fantastic site that focuses on the elements of athletic performance. Academic studies are wordy, evasive and full of jargon but these two gentlemen distill the papers into understandable language. They admittedly have a bias towards endurance sports, cycling and running, but much of their content applies to all sports. They aren’t afraid to dig into the biochemistry and neurobiology of performance – I find myself going to their site again and again. The comments are thoughtful and intelligent; it’s clear that they have created an elite community.

Alex Hutchinson    @sweatscience
Alex Hutchinson’s blog is subtitled “Fitness myths, training truths and other surprising discoveries from the science of exercise”. He’s written a lot about the physical aspects of training. He is, after all, a writer by profession. And a damn good one. You’ll find him in the New York Times, The Globe and Mail in Canada, Runner’s World and so on. But his articles on the mental side of sport are fantastic. Well-researched, clearly written, focused, great supporting studies. Alex, if you’re reading this, write more on sport psych.

Brian McCormick    @brianmccormick
Brian writes about fundamental sports psychology in his blog. His professional focus is training basketball coaches for youth sports but he covers topics ranging from game awareness, motivation and the importance of play. I love his style: it’s like he’s right there, talking to you but he has a deep knowledge far beyond what he’s telling you. It’s worth your time to check out his archives.

Adam Naylor    @ahnaylor
Adam lectures on sports psychology at Boston University and is very active on Twitter, around 5-8 tweets a day and is a great content curator. Most of them are links to articles or sports results that he finds interesting. His blog focuses on the mental side of sports but reaches beyond the usual prescriptions that I’ve found in many sports psychologists.

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  • Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas

    Hi Steve

    Again, just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and support. Much appreciated!

    Yours in sports science and performance
    Ross & Jonathan

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