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Back behind the keyboard

Yesterday I looked at the date of my last post here and cringed. It's been over three years. It's worse than looking at the scale on January 1st - and yeah, I'm going to start eating right tomorrow and I really mean it this time.

Publishing: Part 3

I’m pretty sure it’s a Law of the Universe that procrastination is caused by an irrational estimate of the size of the task you’re avoiding. Getting my book out as an ebook seemed, to me, to be an enormous task. It had to be. Put a book out into public where everyone can see it, judge it, criticize it? Surely that must require whizzy skills in json/jscript programming (and I barely know what I just typed) which I don’t have.

Publishing: Part 2

I’m a List Maker. Perhaps because of my fruitless craving to create order from chaos, I spend Saturday mornings sifting through the mess of my week to figure out what needs doing and what I should just toss in the bin. Plus, I’ll admit to a touch of OCD. Not ashamed. Subscribe whole-heartedly to The Law of Straightness. This morning’s list is publishing my manuscript as an e-book. I found a great resource in Joel Friedlander’s site, He says